Ministry in 4 wheel Drive

EWe have been in PNG for nearly a week now and there is no way we can capture our thoughts and experiences in one blog.....but we"ll start with one!  Upon arriving to PNG it truly is nothing like either of us have experienced.  For me (Brian) it has some commonalties to my trip to Africa, but it also is still very different.  People are often seen walking roads or piled in the back of flat bed trucks.  There are very few paved roads and many trails that lead into the thick forests.  Yet, ministry continues in ways we seldom think or imagine back in the US.  
I was able to attend a very early start of a church plant.  What does that mean?  Well there is a village half way up one of the mountains that the missionaries first were in contact with through a medical evangelism where the Gospel was presented and a few accepted Christ as their Savior.  There is no church in their village but the missionaries have begun a Bible study there once a week.  When we arrived there, people began to gather in the center of the village.  We sat in the dirt in the midst of bamboo huts overlooking a breathtaking view.  I could hear the voices of children playing and the sound of wild pigs scrounging for food.  To be honest it really made me rethink what church is all about.  The Gospel, God's Word, Salvation, Life's not about fancy church buildings and so many things we can very easily get caught up with.

The view a few steps from where I was sitting listening to a Bible student preach God's Word
This lady presented me with a belim....a traditional bag she had made as a gift for coming.

On Sunday we then had the privilege of visiting a church that was also in the beginning stages but a little further along.  This one happened to be on the top of a mountain!  This time Phyllis and Gunner were able to come along.  Most of the "roads" here require 4 wheel drive to travel and if there is some rain they become unpassable.  Thankfully we had a good day to go and we began the journey up the mountain with another missionary family.

Even though it has not rained much there is still place that water collects.

Guard rails are non-existent in this part of the world
Flat surfaces are also a hard thing to come by.....
We arrived at the church building and were thankful to be there.  Phyllis used an umbrella as the sun was very intense at about 7000 ft elevation.  
The view from next to the church

Things have been going well overall, we would ask you to pray as we continue to adjust, also for safety and wisdom.  Another request is for prayer for Gunner as he has developed an ear infection.  He is now taking medicine, but it may take some more time for him to get acclimated here.  Thank you for your many prayers in getting us here......we have greatly needed them, and God has come through in HUGE ways! We will try to blog again when we can, but our internet has been very spotty.