Taste of a new culture

We had the privilege of taking part in a traditional PNG meal with a national Pastor and his wife.  The meal was at a fellow missionary's house.  It was called Mamboo and was very good!  
It started with lots of cutting up and dicing of the ingredients.....
Our cookware is shown above.....fresh cut bambo.
All the ingredients were then packed into the bambo and a specific leaf was packed in last to seal it all.
They were then placed in the fire and rotated as needed.  The moisture in the bambo and the semi-sealed end made the whole thing like a pressure cooker.
After a couple hours the food was all done, and I (Brian) must say it was delicious!!  The whole process was an adventure in and of it self, but with it was a great opportunity to talk with Pastor Rex and his wife regarding life and ministry in PNG.

Even though the rain has started the drought is still being felt daily here.  The majority of people here eat what they grow and the reaping of food is still months off for most.  The team here has been helping in every way possible to not only treat the physical hunger, but the spiritual hunger as well.
This group is a couple of local Pastors and Bible school students who are preparing to carry this rice by foot into villages where a vehicle cannot travel.  They will present the Gospel in the village and distribute the rice.

We were able to visit a new church this last Sunday, and it is not the typical Sunday drive.  The road is interupted  by the river but it's only water right........

We arrived at the church safe and sound!  Even through the travel getting to and from places it's not about the transition points it's about the destination.  The same things apply to our lives, the road through life is rocky, hard to travel, and yes we may even run into deep water.  However when life ends the journey will have only been a glimpse......the destination will be eternal.  Where is your life path heading?