The Journey has begun!

We have started the awaited survey trip to Papua New Guinea.  We left Sunday November 1st and flew to Los Angles, CA.  After a few hour layover, we flew to Brisbane, Australia where we currently are.  We are truly blessed to share that the journey has gone well so far, and Gunner has been doing great! We give God the Gory for that and truly do covet your prayers.  Tomorrow morning, Wednesday....kind of crazy we lost Monday in the flight and time change....we will start the first of two flights to Goroka, PNG.

So a question has been floating in my (Brian's) mind through the craziness of airport security, baggage, and so many unknowns......why do this?  I have been asked several times in the last week, why did you decide to do this?  "This" being missions.....leaving the comforts of home, family, friends.  The answer, when boiled down is very simple, because I made the decision that Jesus Christ is more important than anything else in this life.  Now that has been much more that a one time decision, but a constant decision (struggle at times) to make Jesus Christ the priority in my life.  Being a follower of Christ takes many forms.  Not everyone is called to travel to foreign lands, but each follower of Christ is to serve Him.  So what does that look like tangibly?  The start is to look at what takes the most of our time and resources.  It's is very easy to be caught up in lots of "good things" and totally miss the point....I have lots of experience with that.  Being a follower of Christ is not just about "doing things", it is not a check list we can just go down until completion.  It is a constant growing relationship with The One who gave us the very life we are living.  Why do you think you are in the place you are right now?  God created each one of us differently and wants to use us to fulfill His glorious plan, and when we follow Him, we get the privilege of being part of something that will last for eternity.  I am not saying it is all going to be sunshine and lilies, as the road is less travelled for a reason.  There are good times and really bad times.....the ups and downs of life may not change, however there is one thing that is guaranteed and that is when we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, He will never leave us or forsake us.

Our hotel in Brisbane, Australia