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Reflections on Blindness

  I want to have a candid conversation for just a minute.   As I’m getting older, I am faced with the hard reality that my time is growing short.   Of course, I have no idea if I shall live to be 45, 72 or perhaps into my 80’s…my days are numbered and ordered by My Savior.   I don’t KNOW how much time I have.   And, in the face of that?   I want to use my time wisely!   So?   Let’s cut to the point…. On my morning commute to school with kiddos a couple of weeks ago, one of my passengers commented that there was a broken playground slide ahead in an area beside the highway. “A broken children's playground slide?” I questioned, “What’s broken on it?”   As we sped by it, I was tempted to stop.   I couldn’t believe my eyes.   It was a straight sloped slide with the bottom half of the slide missing…yes…MISSING!!!   I was speechless.   I haven’t even shared the worst of it.   Slides are a hard thing to come by in PNG.   Local parks and/or trails are practically nonexistent here

In the Face of Adversity

  There is great debate around the globe as to if children are inherently good or inherently bad.   Contrary to popular suspicions, I would side with the latter.   The Bible says clearly in Romans 3:23 that “…all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”   There is no room there for a maybe.   We ALL fall short and that means our kiddos do too. Though, children can learn through adversity and struggle…it does NOT need to be crippling….the question I am wrestling through at the moment is how am I responding to adversity and thus modeling it for my children?   I’ve faced some unique challenges as of late, and I must confess, I haven’t always dealt with them appropriately or how I wish I would’ve when I have looked back at them.   God has granted grace and mercy along the road, but writing in general about the principles I’m learning helps me to feel like I’m doing something about it, and solidifying the lessons so as not to need to repeat them again. In 2 Samuel 4, there is