Your Next Faith Step

There has been more than one season in life in which I have felt that God’s Will is elusive or hard to find.  I am looking for clear, direct marching orders so I can do the “right” thing.  In my single days, I spent a lot of time pondering what I SHOULD be doing because I was so afraid that in and of myself, I would choose the “wrong” thing.  However, upon reflection tonight, it has ALWAYS been in front of me…. it’s really the matter of if I choose to obey or not.  God is constant.  He does NOT change according to Heb. 13:8.  That being said, I can KNOW marching orders by looking into His Word, the Bible.  The Israelites, God’s people in the Old Testament, did NOT always pursue God.  As they were leaving Egypt and a life of slavery, they looked back and longed for leeks and onions….food!  While they might have had arguably ‘good’ food, it would’ve meant SLAVERY to get it back!  People have asked us WHY we want to go back to PNG.  They make a good case.  There’s not access to great hea…

Hovey Health Update

To God be the Glory, we have good news to report!  Moriah was able to step down one of her medicines last week...we were encouraged at the good progress!  We have been in touch with her doctor on Mayo Clinic’s portal, and so far things are progressing as planned.  Whoop!  Whoop!
This last week we also underwent some testing for Gunner in the form of a sleep study at Mayo Clinic. We received the test results and they stated that he is not experiencing sleep apnea as we thought, so there is NO NEED to have his tonsils out at this juncture.  Whoooooo-hooooooo!   Thank you for all the prayers sent up on behalf of us and our sweet kiddos.....we have felt uplifted and upheld as we have navigated through these waters.  We couldn’t have done it alone!  When prayer warriors unite, we accomplish much by God's Grace and provision!   We do have one request.  A few weeks ago Brian was having a lot of tooth pain.  We found out that one of the many Covid related side effects in our culture is that …

Finding treasure

As of late, Gunner and Moriah have been enthralled with the idea of pirates.  Gunner is convinced that when he grows up that will be his occupation.  Moriah will be his first mate, if you ask him.   This week he found a treasure map and he thought he was the richest kid in the world because the treasure chest he discovered was full of gold coins and jewels!  I wish I could capture his enthusiasm on paper in words, but there are some things that must be experienced first hand to fully appreciated.   Today as I was reflecting, it occurred to me that Jesus was no pirate, however, he knew what treasure was.  He saw infinite worth and value in the lives of human souls.  THAT is where His eyes were fixed when he thought about treasures.  In Matthew 13:44 (ESV), the Bible records a parable Jesus shared about treasure.  It reads as such.... "The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys …

The Music of our Lives

Rhythms, instruments, voices, rests...they are all play a critical part in making music.  Many have asked what we are doing with our time now that we are stateside.  Let me assure you, it is not a slower pace but definitely different!  We have been doctoring for Moriah’s tummy issues.  We have been trying to meet with family, supporters and friends to share the work of God in our lives over the past two and a half years.  Not only that, but we are keeping up on the basics of dishes, laundry and household happenings while trying to establish some sort of routine as is necessary in the lives of littles!  
Some of the highlights for our kiddos have been 'playing' with water.  Sprinklers and full bath tubs have been new experiences for Gunner and Moriah.  While that sounds so simple, it has been the root of much conversation in our family.  "Mom?  Why haven’t we played with water like this before?" Gunner asked the other day.  It is a simple question to answer but hard im…

The Brief Overview

There have been many changes that have taken place over the course of the last few weeks.  We are thankful to report we arrived safely in Minneapolis on May 30th with all our luggage and a couple weary smiles!  Gunner and Moriah were champs overall!  Our trip had a couple stressful moments, but honestly?  It wasn't nearly as hard as we had God be the glory!
Another huge blessing is that we got in to see our family doctor....this was an answer to many prayers!  We are trying some things to clear Moriah's bowel system as an X-ray showed significant blockage.  THANK YOU for joining us in prayer for our sweet little one!  We all are doing our best to work together to get this figured out, but it is hard to see her in pain.  Please keep praying with us that things get cleared up and we can find the root of the problem.  We thank you in advance!!!
As of the weekend, our quarantine has been completed.  We even got to attend church at our home church in Waterville, MN!…

In His Hands

Thank you to everyone who has joined the ranks in praying for our daughter, Moriah!  Last week, we sent out an update letter sharing that she has been having some issues with her tummy and skin irritation.  We were advised my our mission agency to consider coming home earlier to try and get some answers to these issues as we have been treating symptoms and not addressing the root issue.  After prayer and deliberation, we have been pursuing the option of coming home sooner. Currently we are trying, Lord willing, to come back May 30th.  Because our part of the world is mostly in lockdown or closed borders, that is the soonest that we could realistically try to leave.  We have applied for special transit visas to travel through Australia and we would appreciate prayers that these are granted because if they are not?  We will not be coming home yet.    Thankfully, we can trust our omnipotent Heavenly Father.  We can also place our dear little girl in His capable hands, knowing that He lo…


There has been much talk about quarantine, self isolation and restrictions about going out around the world with the global pandemic at hand.  As we have heard others talk and have read articles about life in the US currently, we must admit there are some striking similarities to being a missionary.  Let us explain...
The first is being separated from your "normal" life and really not knowing what to expect.  You can't go visit friends, catch a movie, or go to a nice restaurant.  The world can become very small and isolating.  When we first signed up for missions full time, we expected a lot of things to be the same as going on short term trips or even the couple years we served in Chile.  However, we changed fields, so things changed a bit more drastically for us.  We also went from serving in a first world context to a third world/developing world context.  
We were in for many cultural adjustments!  Phyllis didn't know how to wash dishes safely due to contaminated w…