This Season

There are seasons in everyone’s life.  In the life of missionary?  It is no different.  We grow, weather storms, grow some more, incur more opposition, and so it goes.  It is how we are designed.  Right now we are in a season of advent.  A friend and colleague of ours challenged us last year to consider the importance of knowing the story of Jesus.  My first thought was, “I know the story of Jesus…’s why I’m on the mission field…”  However, I have been forever changed by reading the story of Jesus, one chapter at a time, day by day this past year.  As the month of December started, I resolved to read one chapter of Luke every day as a Christmas advent reading.  The story never gets old!  It seems as though every time I read it, something different stands out or something new strikes me.  I am grateful that the Word of God is “…living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts an…

Ground Work Continued....

To Read our current update letter (Sept-Oct) please click HERE.

The last few weeks have been filled with many ups and downs as work is slowly moving forward here at GBBC.  We have several large projects going on with most of them taking place out doors.  At the beginning of these projects things got off to a good start then the rain started.....everyday.  It is a little early for rainy season to start here, but just like everywhere, the weather is unpredictable.

I had the road grader go down one of our mountain roads leading down to the river and some married students houses.  The road was in very rough shape and the grader was able to get down to the bottom, but then the rain started......and the mud was the new normal. We tried each day for nearly two weeks to get the grader moved with no avail.  We even had a backhoe work for a full day and just about buried that as well.  With each day that passed the stress level was increasing as this is "rented" very expensive machine a…

Ground Work

This week was marked by lots of ground work.  Brian got to use the excavator that was gifted to GBBC to get the ground ready for some various upcoming projects.  Praise the Lord that the rain held off so they got a good start on things!  Here are some pics to try and capture some of the ground transformation.
There is to be a new classroom building put up here, adjoining in the front to the current chapel.  The footings are set for this project so that the two buildings will be level with one another, but the ground needed to be built up.
Here is the ground after the first few dumps...a long ways to go but progress!
And here it is approximately 100 dump truck loads later!
There also was a point when the dump truck got stuck.  All machinery on deck to the rescue!
There was an attempt to pull the dump truck out, but two machines weren’t the excavator joined the scene!
Gunner getting in on the ride to park the machine after a long day's work!
Moriah had to get in on the action t…

Soldiers, sickness, and success

We were blessed this last week with reinforcements.  A team of Australians came to help the team here with some projects!  What a blessing!   In some ways, pictures speak louder than here are a few....although they are far from capturing the impact these soldiers of the Lord made!
Here is Brian on the tractor towing a 20 foot container that was cut up to become our security guard house at the main entrance to the campus.  The guys who came and worked cut out the windows, door, and welded the security bars before it was ready to move.  
In this picture, the guard house is in place and the roof trusses are being out in place and secured.

This is the other side of the guard house looking from the road side of the college.  

As you can see from this picture, there were lots of hands and hearts working together to serve the Lord.  It took a small army to get everything up and in place and we give God the glory for all that was accomplished!

Here the roof is being put on and attached…

Fish Project

We have several projects going at any given time and often it’s hard to see tangible progress in the day to day activities.....especially when they are large projects.  One of these large projects that has been taking place at Goroka Baptist Bible College is the construction of fish ponds.  There is a fishery department that has been created within the PNG government that has seen the great need to boost nutrition and economic solutions for the many struggling people of our area.  With the help and guidance of this fishery department we able to get this project moving.  The goal for us as a Bible College is to create a good food source for our students and if the Lord allows we can sell fish to generate some much needed income for the school.

Some land was set aside at the campus for the placement of the ponds.  I was originally told that the ponds were going to be dug by hand by the students.....while it was a good thought that would take a very long time...... Gunner came out to insp…

Joining the Battle

It's not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better.  The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena...who, at best, knows in the end the triumph of great achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly.  —Theodore Roosevelt I picked up If You Want to Walk on Water You Have to Get Out of the Boatby John Ortberg yesterday.  It was a book that I read as I was praying about missions that a gal in my small group had given me at that time.  The pages are littered with comments, underlines, and dates.  How fun to relive that time, in part!  That’s where this quote comes from, in fact. I chose to start with this quote by Theodore Roosevelt because it resonates with the American Dream.  It speaks of independence, courage, risk and success.  However, I also wanted to challenge you, reader.  Do you agree or disagree with this statement?  I thought and prayed a…

Doing ALL things

Some times when you are a missionary, people get an unrealistic idea of who you are because of your 'title.'  It happens in many other occupations too, but I wanted to share about it as a missionary.  As a missionary, I am not some super Christian.  I am not a walking encyclopedia of the Bible.  I don’t know how to deal with every situation or crisis that occurs.....I am still sinful and flawed.  I am just one sinner saved by God’s Grace.  As we began this journey to serving the Lord in missions we were often reminded that "God does not always call the equipped, but He equips the called."  This means we have to come face to face with our own ineptness to complete the work God has given us to do.
I have made my fair share of mess ups this week....with my husband, with my kiddos, with others, with time management, and the list could keep going.  However, that's not where I want to dwell.....even though it is so easy to stay there.  I was reading the book of Philippi…