Need a Laugh?

While teaching kindergarten can get a bad rap for being a job with 'needy' littles, I find it enjoyable!  Kids truly say and do funny things quite a lot.  Here are a couple examples from this year thus far….


We were decorating our memory verse for the week, and I was encouraging the class to draw a picture of something that they like in creation because our verse was Genesis 1:31.  It says, "God saw all that He had made and it was very good."  One of my little gals raised her hand and asked me how I would draw a flamingo.
"Well?" I began, "I think I’d probably use pink, and it would be on one leg."  She quickly grabbed her pink crayon and stood up behind her desk.  I nearly busted out laughing when I saw her raise one leg to produce her artwork of a flamingo!    I guess my communication hadn’t been quite clear….
Another time, while I was teaching PE class, I was taking attendance and noticed that there were two boys who had the same first name and the same last initial.  As I was debating about how to differentiate between the two, I asked them both, "Well, do either of you have a nickname?"
One of the boys timidly raised his hand and conveyed, "Mrs. Hovey, there are a few people who sometimes call me 'banana muffin.'"
If I could capture his tone of voice and demeanor, I’m sure you would at least smile.  It was priceless.  As you can imagine, I decided upon a different nickname.
Ok.  One more.  I was teaching technology to first graders, and it was our first week of classes.  I had us go on a 'scavenger hunt' to find different parts of the computer as a starter.  
"Where is the mouse?" I asked, and everyone would have to point to it at their computer station.  
"Where is the keyboard?" I continued.  After going through many different components of the computer, I finally asked, "Where is your monitor?"
With complete sincerity, a little one lifted his hand and asked me, "Ummmm….Mrs. Hovey?  You are standing at the front of the classroom."
I hope the stories I shared today made you smile.  Life with kiddos is never dull.    We ALL need tor remember to laugh sometimes…myself included!  It not only lightens the day and the mood, but it is sweet medicine for the soul as the Lord prescribed in Proverbs 17:22.  "A cheerful heart is good medicine….."