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This week was filled with some unexpected highs and lows, but the steadfast truth of Gods Word remained constant.  It started as most weeks do with prayer and work...then Monday had a quick adjustment later in the day.  We have a clinic on the Bible college campus where one missionary sees hundreds of the very sick and needy people around us every week.  It is a very unique opportunity to share the Gospel as there is a pastor there full time and lots of people waiting.  Well, it was a routine procedure of doing stitches on a young boy with a very large cut.  The routine quickly changed as the boy went into life threatening seizures.  Thankfully the missionary was able to give him a heavy IV sedative to stop the seizing, however he needed emergency care we could not provide.  The problem was an ambulance our clinic has was out to town and could not be reached.  So we loaded everyone up in our truck, while keeping the boy on oxygen and monitoring his very weak pulse and went to the hosp

A day in the life of the Hoveys....

We have gotten this question from several people....what does a normal day look like for you guys?  Well, as much as we would love to share about a 'routine' day, there is one factor that throws the whole equation off....PNG is known as "The Land of the Unexpected."  So, while we can share some routine things that take place, there is really SO much of our days that require flexibility. This last week, we were supposed to start our language studies on Tuesday, and we did start studying....but it wasn't until Friday we met with our tutors.  We just have to chuckle and go with the flow!  We are SO thankful to have started our studies as language is something we have been lacking.  We have a LOT to learn though, and we would ask for your prayers in this matter!  We started off with some basics such as pronunciation.  While the language here uses an alphabet similar to English, the vowels all have different sounds!  It will take us a bit to get used to that! Our d

Work, coffee, and meetings...

This week was a sprint to get lots of work done in a short amount of time as we had a team planning meeting for two days this week.   The great news is all the plywood is up on our walls of the new mission house and painting is under way!  I (Brian) also spent many hours this week seeking to find some things to fill the house with in the coming months.  To God be the glory I was able to get the major appliances and some is not delivered as some of it is coming from different parts of PNG.   I am also pleased to report I finally received my driver's license!  After many failed attempts the Lord placed a very friendly security guard in my path.  I was getting ready to leave again because everything was closed and he stopped me and said one person was inside and the other one was sitting outside so he was able to help get me to both the people I needed....God truly orchestrated the timing of it all.  Thankfully I have not needed to use it yet....I have gone through

The work has started!

This last week the work started on our future mission house.  There is no shortage to do, that’s for sure.  I (Brian) am extremely grateful for how far the work team that traveled with me here in July this last year had gotten because the work goes much slower working alone.  I have had one pastor that has been helping me out with painting and an extra hand when needed so I have been very grateful for that!  The work consisted of putting  thin wood plywood on the sheetrock doesn’t exist here.  I was able to get the living room/ dining room covered and part of a bedroom.  So there is only one and a half rooms to have the walls covered left!  I was also able to have some students help move a large pile of wood out of the house and sort it to know what materials we have left for the project.  I also have one student helping me to make up door frames as there are seven that need to be made.....and my first attempt didn’t go so well.  It is a blessing to begin to interact with