Work, coffee, and meetings...

This week was a sprint to get lots of work done in a short amount of time as we had a team planning meeting for two days this week.  
The great news is all the plywood is up on our walls of the new mission house and painting is under way!  I (Brian) also spent many hours this week seeking to find some things to fill the house with in the coming months.  To God be the glory I was able to get the major appliances and some is not delivered as some of it is coming from different parts of PNG.  
I am also pleased to report I finally received my driver's license!  After many failed attempts the Lord placed a very friendly security guard in my path.  I was getting ready to leave again because everything was closed and he stopped me and said one person was inside and the other one was sitting outside so he was able to help get me to both the people I needed....God truly orchestrated the timing of it all.  Thankfully I have not needed to use it yet....I have gone through several police check points but have been just flagged by so far.
Phyllis and the kids had some excitement this week as they successfully captured a baby gecko at Gunner's request.  Moriah found it first in the bathroom and then it took all of them to capture it....quite the excitement!!  
Some of the coffee picking season has started slowly and will pick up greatly in the coming months.  The school has decided to purchase another 2,000 coffee trees which will put around 9,000 coffee trees spread across the GBBC campus.  We do not currently have any coffee in the United States but are hoping to be able to get some there soon.  If the Lord allows we would like to get some coffee roasted in the U.S. so it can be enjoyed at the freshest it is truly one of the best coffees in the world. We do not yet have all the logistics of this completed yet though.
Our regional administrator from Australia was able to join us for the team meetings in the latter part of the week, and they were very productive meetings.  We worked on creating a unified mission statement and some goals we all can work towards.  We did discuss a Great need....we could use a couple new team mates to help in the ministry in PNG.  One to help with the ministry in Simbai....a remote part of PNG where there are established churches, but they need some help with encouragement and training.  Another opportunity would be of a couple here in Goroka in helping as a business manager of the many projects and ministries going on.  If God is leading you to possibly serve Him in PNG for a short time or for a life time please let us know! 
Gunner & Moriah love climbing the rock/dirt pile in front of our new house.
We also go out on walks and try to burn some of the kids energy off....they always just wear us down instead.
Gunners first sighting of a baby gecko on the screen
Gunner telling me all about the successful capture of the new baby gecko named "Gunner."
One of several trip the students took to unload new coffee trees.


  1. Would love to hear Gunner tell his story about capturing the baby gecko! :)


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