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This week did not start of nearly as productive as either Phyllis or I would have hoped for.   We both started the week by getting the flu on the weekend.   It was not like the typical flu but set in like food poisoning and then continued.   Unfortunately, we were not the only ones to contract this fun little bug….many of the teachers, aides, and students also got it.   God does not stop working even when we are removed from the picture though.   I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about a couple projects that I have taken part in the last couple weeks.   The first one is based on a “construction class” that I have with a couple of the 12 th grade students.   I asked what things the students wanted to work on and had them make a list.   Through looking at the many great ideas presented, the “kiosk” seemed to be in the most need.   The kiosk is an area that the juniors and seniors sell food/drinks out of to the rest of the school as a fundraiser for their senior trip.

Santa Lucía Hill

Phyllis and I had the opportunity get away from school one Saturday morning and visit Santa Lucia.   This is kind of an odd structure placed right in the middle of the city.   It is a castle that is built up on a hill and now surrounded by big city buildings.   As we walked  through the gates the facade was quite impressive.   If you look at the picture closely you can see Phyllis back there…. As we climbed lots of stairs..... the views kept getting more amazing.   The smog was covering most of the mountains, but it gives a small glimpse of how large the city is. This was one of the starting places of the city of Santiago.   Like many places, this one also has an interesting history.   The hill was used as a strategic fort and one side of the hill was strictly set up for defense.  Hence, all the stairs and landings on our way up.  It's easier to fight the enemy from the top.  The other side of the hill was used as a “cemetery for the dissidents” of all those who were no

No retreats, No reserves, NO REGRETS!!

This week has been an interesting one to say the least.   We have sold our Harley Davidson motorcycle.    I never thought the day would come, but honestly, I never dreamed of being in Chile either.   It is interesting when we take our preconceived limitations off of God and say “all that I have is Yours”.   God has perfect timing and thankfully, a much bigger plan than I do.     If we look at how the sale of the bike went down it is truly a testament to Him.   Ultimately it comes down to making a decision… I willing to follow Christ? I willing to give up what I have?.....Am I willing to look forward and not back?   If we answer yes to those questions life will truly change.   The title of this blog comes from some missionaries in Papua New Guinea.   How it relates to us currently is: No Retreats …..we have many reasons to not be in Chile at this time and place in life.   The list could be very long why we should quit now and head home.   The days are long and the work

Classroom Prep and first week back

Well?   With a new semester starting, it was time for changes in the classroom!   I re-did my table setup and also moved my computer station.   I put a podium type stand in the front of the room so that I can have all my supplies there.   It seems like a logical idea, but to me, it was revolutionary!   It never even crossed my mind last semester! My desk is tucked in the back corner that you can’t see from the above angle.   Thankfully I had some time when we returned to Chile to do some necessary classroom prep.    I cleaned out a lot of storage space in my cupboards and it felt great to do a little classroom cleaning!   At the beginning of first semester, there just wasn’t time for that.   I am thankful to be able to start this second semester off a little more organized. The first couple of days have gone well!   I have a new classroom aide whose name is Carla.   She is Chilean and very kind.   This is her first time in a classroom setting, but she seems to be doing great.