Classroom Prep and first week back

Well?  With a new semester starting, it was time for changes in the classroom!  I re-did my table setup and also moved my computer station.  I put a podium type stand in the front of the room so that I can have all my supplies there.  It seems like a logical idea, but to me, it was revolutionary!  It never even crossed my mind last semester!
My desk is tucked in the back corner that you can’t see from the above angle.  Thankfully I had some time when we returned to Chile to do some necessary classroom prep.   I cleaned out a lot of storage space in my cupboards and it felt great to do a little classroom cleaning!  At the beginning of first semester, there just wasn’t time for that.  I am thankful to be able to start this second semester off a little more organized.
The first couple of days have gone well!  I have a new classroom aide whose name is Carla.  She is Chilean and very kind.  This is her first time in a classroom setting, but she seems to be doing great.  I also have a new student and lost a student from last semester.  With this being a mission school, there is always a lot of fluctuations with people coming and going.  For example, I will be gaining another new student in a couple weeks and be losing one in a month.   The students have done well adjusting to the new classroom and to the new faces.  It is however challenging to deal with constant changes…..not only as kids, but as adults.  Thankfully we serve a God who never changes…..He goes before us, behind us and with us......ALWAYS!