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We have been trying to instill in our children the importance of being a family.  "What does a family do?" asked one of my children.   "We are a family," I started. We work together.  We play together. We live together. We serve together. As parents, Brian and I want to teach our children that they are a vital part of what we are doing.  I (Phyllis) would be the first to confess that I don't always do a great job at that.  However, it's something I (we) are aiming towards. At this juncture, sometimes it's easier to do the dishes myself rather than contend with water all over the the counter and floor when Gunner and/or Moriah decide they would like to help.  However, I have been convicted to change my attitude and encourage them that we 'work together' because in light of eternity, water on the floor is not a big thing.  God has intentionally placed me and EACH one of my family members together here in PNG to serve Him how we can to bring honor a