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Celebrating Moriah!

Yesterday was a big day in the Hovey household.....Moriah is now TWO years old!!!  Her favorite part about the day was that she got to start eating vitamins.....😀.  Hahahaha!  No, seriously, she enjoyed more about the day than that!  She got to connect with grandparents and some other family and she got some gifts which she enjoyed opening all by herself!  Since her last birthday she has grown SO much!  She can now walk, talk, run, jump, go potty on the potty chair (still learning), and oh so much more!   As I (Phyllis) sit and reflect on our little lady and all her accomplishments this past year, I am in awe.  She has moved around the globe, made friends on both sides of it, learned about herself, her family, her world, and?  She has managed to do so with a song in her heart.....the song she has been learning lately is called, "I am a Promise."  Her tone, inflection, and pronunciation cannot be replicated in print, but it is ADORABLE how she sings it!  The lyrics are as fol

Church Progress

This week has been a bit challenging, but we have great news to share!  We have been assisting a Papua New Guinean Pastor with a new church plant.  The area is in the center of a very 'religious' place, but it is a religion based off fear.  The fear literally controls the people because if they do not follow everything they are told, curses will be brought upon them and their families.  It is truly sad because this all takes place in a church that claims to be Christian yet uses satanic powers as means for control.  When the pastor first started preaching in this area about Jesus Christ people began to throw stones at him and threatened his life.  This pastor was not willing to abandon what God had called him to do.  He continued to come every Sunday and has preached for the last 9 Years to the one or two that would come.  A few years ago there was an arrangement made to purchase some land to put a church building.  The building is very significant because that means you’re her

Seed Sowing

These past couple weeks have been marked by seed sowing.  We have been involved in a week long youth camp that was recently put on here at Goroka Baptist Bible College.  There were over 450 campers and Lots of salvation decisions made for the Lord.  I (Phyllis) was on the sidelines of this ministry opportunity because we have small children at home and other roles to fill, but oh!  It was splendid to be on the fringe too and cheer and pray the forerunners on!  There were definitely seeds sown in the hearts and lives of the young people, and we would ask that you join us in prayer that they would continue to be watered, nurtured, and rooted in God's Word, first and foremost, but also in Bible believing and preaching congregations in their home areas.  They came from all over PNG!!!   We also have been sowing seeds in our church plant at Makia.  Brian has been working with guys there to trying to work through family issues, religious issues and to land issues so we can move forwar

2019 Resolution

"You [Lord] hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me." Psalm 139:5 My paraphrase:  The Lord goes behind me in 2018 and years prior; the Lord goes before me into all that 2019 and beyond holds; the Lord will go with me....ONE STEP AT A we journey through each part together! I (Phyllis) have a wonderful gift that my husband gave me in our first year of marriage....a journaling Bible.  Not only are the pages full of rich, spiritual truths from our Good God, but they are full of memories of how those truths came alive in certain life circumstances and situations.  Now that we are in 2019, I was taking some time to reflect on some of the good and bad experiences of the last year and looking ahead to what this new year might hold.  Of course, there's no way of knowing for sure what tomorrow holds or if we will even be given it, but I DO know who holds tomorrow He will go with me every step of the way!  I'm so thankful for that....beyond words..