Celebrating Moriah!

Yesterday was a big day in the Hovey household.....Moriah is now TWO years old!!!  Her favorite part about the day was that she got to start eating vitamins.....😀.  Hahahaha!  No, seriously, she enjoyed more about the day than that!  She got to connect with grandparents and some other family and she got some gifts which she enjoyed opening all by herself!  Since her last birthday she has grown SO much!  She can now walk, talk, run, jump, go potty on the potty chair (still learning), and oh so much more!  
As I (Phyllis) sit and reflect on our little lady and all her accomplishments this past year, I am in awe.  She has moved around the globe, made friends on both sides of it, learned about herself, her family, her world, and?  She has managed to do so with a song in her heart.....the song she has been learning lately is called, "I am a Promise."  Her tone, inflection, and pronunciation cannot be replicated in print, but it is ADORABLE how she sings it!  The lyrics are as follows....
I am a promise/I am a possibility/I am a promise/with a capital "P"/I am a great big bundle of potentiality/and I am trying/to hear God's voice/and I am learning/to make the right choice/and I will promise to be/anything God wants me to be!
(Written by Bill and Gloria Gaither)
I pray she continues this simple children's chorus as an anthem of her life and strives to live by it.   She has so much potential and promise inside her little soul, so please pray with us that she uses it for God's glory!!!

Enjoying some special treats from across the globe.

Showing us she is she is two years old!

Celebrating with friends...

Taking it all in with a new perspective....two years old!