Seed Sowing

These past couple weeks have been marked by seed sowing.  We have been involved in a week long youth camp that was recently put on here at Goroka Baptist Bible College.  There were over 450 campers and Lots of salvation decisions made for the Lord.  I (Phyllis) was on the sidelines of this ministry opportunity because we have small children at home and other roles to fill, but oh!  It was splendid to be on the fringe too and cheer and pray the forerunners on!  There were definitely seeds sown in the hearts and lives of the young people, and we would ask that you join us in prayer that they would continue to be watered, nurtured, and rooted in God's Word, first and foremost, but also in Bible believing and preaching congregations in their home areas.  They came from all over PNG!!!  
We also have been sowing seeds in our church plant at Makia.  Brian has been working with guys there to trying to work through family issues, religious issues and to land issues so we can move forward with the building of a church in this desperate area.  There has been lots of frustration in this process, but we have seen God's hand orchestrating things in a way that we never could.  There is still no resolution to it all.....YET.  We are confident that it will come, but if we are honest, it may not look like we thought it would when we set out.  What do I mean?  Well, undoubtedly, the Word of God has been proclaimed to those who have come, and now?  It is God's job to work and move in the lives and hearts of those whom He has drawn to Himself.  We may plant, we may water, but it is on the shoulders of God to give the growth (1 Cor. 3:6-7).   HE will establish His church in His time and in His way.  Land is a big deal here in PNG and there is a family dispute going because of Great religious pressure from the people surrounding the area that do not want us there.  Our job is to remain faithful and keep proclaiming God's Word and teachings....something this region does not have.  This church plant has been trying to get off the ground for many years now and this past year has seen significant progress.....we will not relent!  Just because the going is slow, it does NOT mean that the end goal is not worth it!  So much of life is about faith because we do not know what tomorrow holds or what challenge we may face next. We have put our faith in Jesus Christ as He is the One who holds tomorrow, and that's where we fix our eyes!
Camp sessions we had at different times throughout the day.
Lots of different sports were done each day.  All the campers were divided up into 4 groups and competed against each other all week.
The campers were fed very well everyday, however there were a few ladies selling some market foods each day...greens, pineapple, avocado and other options.  Gunner decided to "help" our friend who was selling some little candies and some PNG Popsicles!