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In His Hands

Thank you to everyone who has joined the ranks in praying for our daughter, Moriah!  Last week, we sent out an update letter sharing that she has been having some issues with her tummy and skin irritation.  We were advised my our mission agency to consider coming home earlier to try and get some answers to these issues as we have been treating symptoms and not addressing the root issue.  After prayer and deliberation, we have been pursuing the option of coming home sooner. Currently we are trying, Lord willing, to come back May 30th.  Because our part of the world is mostly in lockdown or closed borders, that is the soonest that we could realistically try to leave.  We have applied for special transit visas to travel through Australia and we would appreciate prayers that these are granted because if they are not?  We will not be coming home yet.    Thankfully, we can trust our omnipotent Heavenly Father.  We can also place our dear little girl in His capable hands, knowing that He


  There has been much talk about quarantine, self isolation and restrictions about going out around the world with the global pandemic at hand.  As we have heard others talk and have read articles about life in the US currently, we must admit there are some striking similarities to being a missionary.  Let us explain... The first is being separated from your "normal" life and really not knowing what to expect.  You can't go visit friends, catch a movie, or go to a nice restaurant.  The world can become very small and isolating.  When we first signed up for missions full time, we expected a lot of things to be the same as going on short term trips or even the couple years we served in Chile.  However, we changed fields, so things changed a bit more drastically for us.  We also went from serving in a first world context to a third world/developing world context.   We were in for many cultural adjustments!  Phyllis didn't know how to wash dishes safely due to contaminat