Over the course of our time here in Chile, Brian has made a number of improvements to the school.  I wanted to take the time to give you visuals of just a few of them so that you can SEE some of the things he has been up to…..
This is a lunch tray holder.  Previously, the old lunch tray holder was a bench right outside the office door.  Brian saw the need and DID something about it!  When he started the project, he just had raw materials.  As you can see, there was a lot of measuring and putting together that came along with this tray holder.  What I thought was the most mind boggling thing about the whole thing was that nobody asked Brian to take on this project.  He noticed that things weren’t very efficient how they were, and he just came up with a better way to do things!  The mind of an engineer……I love it! 
Another project he has had his hand in was making some new cubbies for the Jr./Sr. High School.  On the left you can see the new, improved style of storage space, and on the right there are the older style lockers.  This is another project where Brian started from scratch and produced an attractive end product.  Brilliance!
Here is another view of the cubbies…….

One final project (and I saved the best for last)…… a new bookshelf in the Kindergarten classroom.  This one just hit the school last week and it was a HUGE success.  I LOVE how the books are all visible to the children.  Before I had them in piles on a back table……they weren’t easy to get to OR to look at to find one.  Now?  The kids can easily see what they are going to read and easily put them away.  WHAT a blessing! 
As the verse says though "What is seen is temporary and what is unseen in eternal" 2 Corinthians 4:18  There is no doubt that over time these things will break or change but the work done for God's glory will never fade.