New Scenery

The school year has been completed, and as we prepare for the next year to begin, our scenery has changed a little.  During the break we were asked to watch a fellow missionary's house while they are out of the country.  It is not a wise thing to leave a house with no one living in it due to wide spread theft issues.  So we moved in this last week and will be here until the second week of August.  It has been a nice change of place to be in a house and have a little time/space away from school/work.

We do have a couple residents to take care of.  Their names are Samson and Caesar.  They are both Great Danes.  They like to take me (Brian) out for walks every day and remind me each day why I never like to clean a barn. 
This type of dog is not common here because of their size.....which makes for a very good insurance policy. 
This week we have taken a much needed break and were able to drive to a city on the coast called San Antonio.  This is a major shipping port and was really cool to see.  Phyllis and I walked along the harbor and looked at the boats and little shops.
Just off the shore there was a giant rock and at first glance it did not stand out.  Then I saw movement and upon closer inspection it was just covered with seals.

 As we walked a down the shore that smell of fresh sea food grew stronger and stronger.  We ended at this large open market.  There was some crazy looking things there......not sure I could even think about eating them.
 Rest assured food was going to go to waste.  There was a fleet of patient and willing samplers just steps away.

We were able to end the day walking along a beach.  The waves were really big and the sound was amazing.  As we took this day away to take a break and refresh it strikes me how God refreshes us everyday just as the sea wipes the sand clean with each wave.  It is not always fun to feel the pounding waves, but the constant force of Christ in our lives clears away even the deepest prints.