An opportunity to sing

Today I (Phyllis) got an opporunity to sing at Daybreak Community's Wednesday night Communion Service.  It was so fun to get a call and ask if I'd be interested......I sang one of my all-time favorites, "He's Always Been Faithful" by Sara Groves.  There was a time of prayer for me and Brian which was also sweet. 
Here I am........ 
....and here is the band for the night!  (L to R-Heidi, Jill, me)
One really neat song we sang during the service was entitled, "The More I Seek You."  It is sung by Kari Jobe, but I am not sure if the lyrics were written by her or not.  Here are what they say:
The more I seek You/the more I find You/the more I find You/the more I love You/I want to sit at Your feet/drink from the cup in Your hand/lay back against You and breathe/hear Your heartbeat/this love is so deep/it's more than I can stand/I melt in Your peace/it's overwhelming....(repeat)
What I loved about the song was the reflective moment with Jesus that the lyric captured.  I give God the glory for giving me a voice to sing at all, and I am so grateful that I got the chance to use it!!!