Changing Seasons

Santiago Christian Academy 2013 Winter
In shady, green pastures so rich and so sweet/God leads His dear children along…….
SCA 2014 Summer

Some through great waters/Some through the flood/Some through the fire/but all through the blood/Some through great sorrow/ but God gives a song/in the night seasons/and all the day long! –George Young

If you look at the above pictures, the view hardly looks the same.  As Brian and I came back to Santiago Christian Academy for the 2nd semester, we were reminded that life is about seasons.  We left the winter season of Minnesota to come to the summer season of Chile.  We will soon head back into winter here in Santiago, but what struck me about these photos is their similarity to how my walk with Christ looks.  Hence, I shared the hymn that resonated with “seasons.” 

Sometimes things really ARE bright and green and lush with life, and other times?  Life is a struggle.  HOWEVER, what I love about this hymn is that it boldly proclaims the truth that even IN those night seasons, God gives a song.  And?  Not just for a moment, but for a lifetime……

What is YOUR life song?  As we consider not only the tune, but also the words, I pray that we hand over the pen to our Savior and let HIM compose a melody far more beautiful than we can even ask or hope for or imagine!