First Day of School

picture of my classroom
Yesterday was our FIRST official day with kids!  I have 12 students in my Kindergarten class…..they were wonderful to meet!  They all came—perfect attendance—and they blew my socks off!  We whizzed through the material I had planned for the day as if it were only meant for half of the day! Ah well……that’s why they’re called “plans” right?  hahahaa.

These are the students’ desks and the layout of my classroom.  My desk is in the back corner, and then there is some room for the students’ center play in the afternoon.  Thank you to the many who prayed for me and Brian on the first day!!!  We really appreciated it!!!

Brian has become quite the jack-of-all trades this week.  He’s been working as a community service coordinator/supervisor, a substitute teacher in high school, a rock climbing wall overseer, an IT specialist, and oh so much more!  Needless to say, I’m proud of his diligence!!!

We also wanted to post a picture of our “brother and sister” here in Chile……their names are Jon and Pam Sharp.  We were visiting their church in another part of the city on Sunday.  It meets in a home and it is quite cozy!  Jon and Pam have been great.  They have taken us shopping and have offered all sorts of advice on how to adapt to Chilean culture.  As our “brother and sister,” they are our go-to people on the ABWE team here in Chile.  WHAT a blessing!

Well?  That’s all for tonight.  We have to get ready for another school day tomorrow for me and whatever duty needs to be filled for Brian.  Blessings to you all this week!


  1. Yay! So great to hear about your first day teaching. We are praying for you both! Keep up the good work, Brian. I'm sure you'll have a lot of stories to tell. Appreciate the pictures.

  2. Your classroom is fabulous! Your kindergarteners are blessed to have you, Phyl! And way to go Brian! That is a lot of different 'hats' to wear!

  3. Hi!
    I'm happy that your first day went great, and it's cool that Brian has been able to do a whole bunch of different things. We are praying for you!


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