Locked out

Sometimes God gets a hold of my heart in the strangest circumstances and situations.  Yesterday was one of those days.  When I leave the house, typically I check three things: 1) The doors are locked. 2) I have my key. 3) I have my phone.  I don’t always check them in that order, but when I leave the house, it is a routine for me to check those things.  

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I went to let myself in the house after working on cleaning our porch a bit, only to find that the front door was locked.  Hmph.  No big deal, I thought.  Gunner and/or Rie must’ve accidently locked the front door when they were playing earlier.  So?  I went around the other side of the house and checked the other door.  Strange.  It was locked too.  Gunner and Rie were both outside with me, although they were playing and hadn’t missed going into the house.

I have to confess; I was a bit flustered.  I called out to G. and Rie and plainly asked, “Hey guys, did one of you lock the doors?”

“Yup!” Moriah (aka Rie) responded without a moment’s hesitation.

“Why did you do that, honey?” I asked.

“Well, Mom,” Moriah began as if it was common knowledge, “I thought it would be a fun trick.”

Exasperated, at best, I walked away.  I went back to the porch and continued cleaning.  I started praying and talking to the Lord about my frustration.  One thing I have been trying to do lately is to pray through what frustrates me, acknowledge that it could be from the Lord, and then I try to look for God in the situation.  

“God?” I asked with some level of indignance, “WHAT are You up to?”  I was thankful for the work I could keep my hands busy with as I sought my Father’s heart.  And, ya know?  God showed up.  As I was seeking and praying, God gave me a moment of breakthrough.  The Bible talks about a day coming when there will be some who are locked outside of the gates…the gates of glory.  Those outside pursued “fun” and “pleasure,” but their reality will be anything but that.

I didn’t expect to be locked out of the house yesterday.  I didn’t expect it OR anticipate it, and so I was NOT READY.  We were locked out for a couple of hours until Brian came and saved the day.  However, I just couldn’t stop thinking about the life-picture that God had given me.  I thought about friends, family and others whom I have had a chance to share with and have influence in their lives and quite honestly, I have not shared the hope I have in Jesus with them all.  Sobering.  They might not be ready.

Today is a new day.  I shared my conviction in Sunday School today and opened the gates of my heart wide, inviting any woman who wanted to hear more or share or talk or pray with an opportunity to come talk to me.  No one came forward or sought me today, but God gave me a supernatural assurance that I was obedient and seeds had been planted.  Will you please join me in prayer that the seeds of God’s Word go deep?  

After church I heard from a local in the area of our church plant that there was a family across the road from the church who had lost their daughter UNEXPECTANTLY the night before.  I don’t know if she was ready or not, but I DO know that she could’ve been.  So?  I would like to invite you to join the fight.  I wrote this song, “The Victory” several years ago, but it seemed applicable to share today.  Praying that as we join the ranks in prayer, giving and with our skills and talents that we see Christ’s victory!!!

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The Victory

By Phyllis A. Hovey


I heard my Savior say, “My way is tough.

When He called me to join Him where it’s rough

From front line battle’s hard I heard Him cry,

I will not quit till I have won this fight.”

And when I glanced at what He saw, tears filled my eyes

For souls were what He fixed on as His prize


With head down I ran hard to join my Lord

Though it might cost what I could not afford

For I saw ones I loved caught in gunfire

And their lives claimed was my guiding desire

And so I took my cues from Christ and set my gaze

On precious lives that I desired be saved


I joined the fight

Joined with my might

And I will sacrifice because I value life

Oh, hear my plea

Come on, join me

And all together we will see

The victory!


An army’s made of more than just one kind

And so as I invite, I keep in mind

That roles won’t be the same for me and you

But as we join together we’ll press through

And when the lines break open wide, I know we’ll see

Both death and life bought our souls liberty


Please join the fight

Join with your might

It may mean sacrifice because you value life

Oh, hear my plea

Come on, join me

And all together we will see

the victory

And all together we will see

Christ’s victory!!!