Invisible Empires

Several of you know that my favorite recording artist is Sara Groves.  One of her more recent albums was entitled, "Invisible Empires."  I love to listen to music and re-listen to music that makes me think deeply and challenges me.  Somehow, Sara Groves manages to do that.  
Anyways, in this brief interview about the album, I was challenged by her analogy of the work of God as similar to the work of a pregnancy.  It is eternal.  It is lasting.  HOWEVER, aside from agreeing to participate in carrying a baby, a mother doesn't really 'do' anything.  She can't worry one hair in place, but she can take care of herself and TRUST that an Almighty Heavenly Father is doing a work IN her and THROUGH her that will make an impact. 
Sometimes, on a day to day basis, I don't SEE the bigger picture.  I get caught up in giving directions to my Kindergarten students or making copies for their next day's work.  However, I have agreed to participate in carrying out the sharing of the Gospel here in Chile.  I can't worry one soul saved here or even back home.  However, I can continually TRUST that an Almighty Heavenly Father is doing something IN me and THROUGH me that will make an impact.
I am clinging to that promise today and praying that those of you reading this are blessed and encouraged that the God of the Universe is doing a work in YOU too!  Just remember to participate!