Dieciocho Program

Currently, the country of Chile is celebrating their Independence Day....(many days) known as Dieciocho. The official celebration day begins tomorrow, but here at the school we celebrated early so as to get in on the fun! Here are a couple photos and explanations from the happenings and goings-on.......

Rob Hagerty (school administrator), Doug Amundson (school treasurer), and Brian Hovey (sound guy) praying and translating the beginning of the event!

Kindergartners being silly while waiting for the program to begin!
1st and 2nd grade girls lined up and ready to perform!

1st and 2nd grade students dancing and having fun!

Kindergartners in their shining moment! (Mrs. Hovey had to help out too.....)

Upper classman dancing the traditional Chilean dance known as "the Cueca!"
All the Chilean workers at SCA receiving recognition and gratitude for the hard work they put forth to make our school function well!