Happy Birthday, Phyllis!

I have a confession.  I tried to keep my birthday a secret this year.  I know, it’s a silly venture, but I figured that if I didn’t tell anyone here at the mission that it was my birthday that nobody would find out.  Hahaha.  Who was the one fooled?  Me. 
In the morning, Brian surprised me by making me breakfast.  He also got me a guitar!!!  I played around on it for some time while he had to do some setup for the Bible conference that is taking place this coming weekend here at SCA.
There was a potluck lunch at the school for all the staff on the 12th. There was quite a spread of food as is evidenced in the pictures.  It was put on by the administration of the school.  At the conclusion of the meal, I was presented with a cake.  Thankfully, the cake only held one candle…..I was SO glad we were celebrating only ONE year and not the full 29!  Everybody sang, and I tried to take it all in. 
After lunch, Brian and I tagged along with some friends to a place in the city called Los Dominicos.  It was a neat place.  We walked around looking at many hand-crafted items.  One of the most impressive displays was a lady who carves matchsticks into people!  VERY delicate work!  We took a picture in the courtyard.  As you can tell, it was a beautiful day.