Where we minister

This is where Brian and I are ministering: Santiago Christian Academy.  We tried to capture different perspectives of the school to show all those who are following where we are serving.  There are other areas included too that are still under the ABWE branch here in Santiago, Chile.  Hope you enjoy!

This is a picture of the Santiago Christian Academy. The building on the far right is the current Elementary School. The building in the middle is the current High School. On the far left, there is what we call the covered Cancha. It has a tiled floor and is roofed where the kids have a basketball court and a covered area to run and play.

As you enter the gates of SCA, you will see this view.  The Elementary building is on the left, then the High School, then the Cancha, and in the back on the right you will see the apartments/office building.  The apartments are upstairs, and the offices are below.
 Here is a close up of the offices.  There is a gardening elective in the High School that keeps up all the flowers that you see.  They do a great job making the school look beautiful!!

 If you were to take a step back from the offices, you would see this view.  The apartments are above the offices, and on the left hand side you can see the gated mesh that surrounds the Cancha.

Here is the view standing in front of the offices and looking towards the street.  You can use the van in the picture to gain your bearings in terms of where you are in the parking lot if you look to the second picture above.

Here is a picture underneath the roof of the covered Cancha.  You can see the rock climbing wall on the far wall and a full basketball court in the center.  There is a fusball table on the right hand side of the climbing wall, and on the left side there are three ping pong tables.

Between the Elementary and High School buildings, you would see this little red shed and a blue building in the background.  The red shed is a snack shop where the High Schoolers sell various treats during the lunch hour.
Finally, the building in the back of the above picture is the Facultad.  The Facultad is also associated with ABWE.  It's a seminary that is conducted in Spanish that teaches theology and provides Bible training.  It equips people with the needed Bible education to reach Chile and surrounding countries.  The 3rd floor is currently under contruction and will become the new High School at SCA.  The project should be complete at the begining of the next school year.  The High school building that is currently being used will turn into a middle school and provide some much needed space.  Hope you enjoyed the tour around our yard!


  1. This was cool! Nice job explaining everything. It helps to get a perspective of what you see every day. =)


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