Bible Conference "The Supremacy of Christ"

This last week I (Brian) had the task of preparing for a Bible conference that took place this last weekend at our school.  The conference was put on by ABWE and the Seminary that is located near us.  It was really the cooperation of many people to make this conference happen.  It involved 13 different Churches located in the area.  The guest speaker for the conference was Dr. Luis Carballosa.  He lives in Spain and was here specifically for this conference.
 As the pictures show there was much to be done in order to change our open gym into an event center.   To start we hung up a material called "Malla" (in English it is just mesh) around the whole outside of the court.  Then there needed to be curtains hung, screens for video, and a stage made, and specific lights hung.  The blessing was that I had lots of steel tubing lying around for an upcoming project.  I ended up using every bit of it in some way to make this all work. Once the big things were completed the chairs came......from all over as you can see there were just a few.  In total there was over 600 chairs set up in preparation. 

As it is said......"if you build it, they will come" and that they did.  The conference officially kicked off Friday night and went through Sunday night.  There were many different sessions through out that time with lots of people coming and going.
The whole conference was done in me and Phyllis did have some trouble understanding most of it.  Thankfully for some of the sessions we had a missionary friend that translated it for us.  One of the things that stood out to me over this time was something the speaker said about wisdom.  He said "There is no education, title or position that will give you more wisdom than Christ."  Something else that I like....."Let the Bible be your guide.  The world says many things, but God's Word surpasses all else.  It tells us our origin, why we are here, and what our destiny is.  Philosophy cannot answer that."  I agree very much with these statements and hope you do as well....and if not read the Bible and make the decision for yourself!