A Missionary's Dream

Makia Baptism

I recently went to another missionary’s home and was chatting with the Mom in the family.  She, too, is a Mom of “littles.”  Although, her “littles” are smaller than mine.  As I sat and we conversed about a variety of things, a sign on her wall caught my eye.  Very simply it said, “The dream is real…(emphasis added)”  I had to ponder it for a minute, and I felt like I was missing a piece of the story.  So?  I asked the question….”Hey, does that sign on your wall have a story?  It’s really intriguing.”
“Why, yes, it does have a story…when my husband, daughter and I arrived on the field, there were some veteran missionaries that were leaving the field.  She came over and gave it to me as a gift one evening and shared that when the going gets rough that it had served her and her family as an important reminder.  THIS hardship.  THESE trials.  THIS sickness.  THESE differences of opinion.  THEY are all part of the package of ‘the dream’ we pursued…the dream we prayed for to become real.  Jesus did not promise an easy road.  He promised to give the grace needed to continue the journey (2 Cor.  12:9).” 

I was struck with awe.  It’s SO true….remembering is SUCH a gift.  The blessed hope of hindsight is that we can see God’s hand at work differently than in the hardship of the moment.  Preparing for missions had different struggles and victories than those we face now.  However, we needed the honing, shaping and refining that the trials afforded.  We needed them to make us more like Jesus and prepare us for the next step.

Jesus dreamed of saving me, and he dreamed of spending eternity with me.  That sounds so flat on paper.  I wish you could hear my gentle and yet confident tone in the reality of that statement.  It’s not a joke!  It's the real deal!!! 

Moriah walking with a friend--hand in hand--to make it up the hill from the baptism service.

However, if you can’t hear it as a promise for me, let Jesus sing it to your soul as you hear His proclamation that His death confirmed, “My child, I love you.  I want to spend eternity with you (John 3:16)!!!”  YOU, Dear Reader, are the one!  Jesus longs for YOU!!!

This past week, Brian has been very ill.  He’s had to get IV fluids due to dehydration that was severe.  It was a trial, but I saw it differently than I ever have before.  IT was part of following Jesus.  And ya know what?  HE. IS. WORTHY.  My Savior gave up everything…why would I expect that following Him would lead me anywhere else?  It’s a privilege to serve Him.  It's not a begrudged mandate.  It’s an eternal invitation to joy.

JOY is what word we would choose to express the feeling of being able to witness 10 believers follow the Lord in a believer's baptism this past week....incredible!!!   God's handiwork and orchestration were all over that service!  While we are not serving at that particular church plant anymore, the joy was palpable as we saw lives we knew and loved and had prayed for surrender and follow Our Sweet Savior in this way.

I’d like to try and share a song that a dear, dear friend shared with me awhile back.  It resonates with the dream that God’s given me.  May you be blessed and encouraged, Dear Reader!!!

"No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus"

Steffany Gretzinger