small…was the size of the town of Owatonna (pop. approx. 25,000+).
BIG…that was the city of Santiago, Chile (pop. approx. 8,0000,000+).

small…was the amount of belief I had when we started pursuing missions. 
BIG…that was the God who brought us to the Southern Hemisphere and then around the World to the Eastern Hemisphere too (Papua New Guinea)!

small…was the installation of an outhouse toilet on the church property where we serve.
BIG…that was the impact for our little girl struggling with using a pit toilet (aka a hole in the ground).

small...was the size of our little girl and the loose tooth she had.

BIG...was the smile on her face when it finally came out!

small…was our son when he decided to surrender his life unto Jesus.
BIG…that will be the impact he could have if he chooses to follow Christ lifelong.

small…was the stone in David’s sling shot. 
BIG…that was David’s God behind the stone.

small…was the baby Jesus lying in a manger. 
BIG…that was the God who sent Him on a mission!

Small…that is the size of this post.
BIG…that is my prayer for its impact!

To God be the Glory!