Quick Update and Prayer points

As always, it is never dull when you live in the "Land of the Unexpected."  That is PNG's other name.  Thank you for your prayers!  My parents (Brian's) have arrived just over a week ago and will be staying for a couple more.  It was a pretty rough transition because it is a very long and tiring journey to get here.  My dad was sick the first several days, but has begun to level out.  The kids have thoroughly enjoyed them being here (to put it lightly).  They have been sharing stories, working on puzzles, going for walks, reading and soaking up every second while Grandma and Grandpa are here.  

We have had a few unexpected hiccups this week….  The first one is a few days ago Phyllis began to get sick and was not recovering quickly like she normally does.  Well, the short of it is she has finally been hit with the Covid.  This is her first time getting it, and so far she feels crummy, but overall doing alright.  I know she would appreciate your prayers as she is currently isolated from the rest of us for seven days.

We are also in the midst of the five year election cycle which brings a lot of turmoil and unrest in the country.  The last month or so has been campaigning season where LOTS of money is spent in hopes of buying votes.  This week votes were to begin being cast through out the country, but there have been delays and not much clarity on the process.  Once the votes are cast and counting has finished the disputes will greatly ramp up.  Unfortunately there has already been many lives lost in fighting over elections throughout the country.  It hit a bit closer to home as a body part was found yesterday just outside our campus fence, in one of our Pastor's gardens…much of the killing in our area is done with a machete.  Today the reminder of the body was found as the thick tall grass was burned away.  Unfortunately, the under staffed police has not taken too much of an interest as they are being pulled in many directions due to election issues.  While we do have to limit our travel and heighten our security mindset, ultimately, fighting this barrage of hopelessness without Christ is why we are here.  The light of Jesus Christ shines the brightest in the darkest areas.  We do covet your prayers as that is what keeps us here.

If trouble arrives on our door step Gunner our “Indian” is always ready!

This is my mom, Judy Hovey, with Neslyn who we had asked for prayer for with having a surgery.  The power of prayer is real as it is truly a miracle that she is alive and doing well!

The kids with Grandpa playing games before bed.