Coming Back

We are in our home in Goroka!  The last few days have been filled with unpacking our luggage, rediscovering treasures that we packed when we left PNG, and trying to sort, organize and regroup....doesn’t sound like much, but it has been a good feeling to be able to SEE progress!  
Another blessing has been to reconnect with friends and ministry partners on this side of the person!  Seeing someone through a screen or on the telephone is a good way to communicate, but when you SEE someone across the table and are able to communicate and share a meal together, it brings on a whole new depth of appreciation!!!  Our team welcomed us back with a meal and some super sweet fellowship!  Our hearts were blessed!
Today we had the privilege of going to church at Makia...the church plant that we were assisting before we left PNG.  It has grown in big ways while we have been Stateside.  The church is still struggling to obtain the land where we have been meeting, but there is a PNG style pavilion made of tarps and bamboo that has been put up while we have been away.  The group has grown and it was a happy reunion with many familiar faces and several new ones too....We can SEE tangible progress!  To God be the glory!
Now is the time to settle in and get to work!  Tomorrow is Monday here.  It’s back to school for Gunner and Moriah, which means back to teaching for me too.  Brian has a list started of projects and things that need to be tended to too, and he has enough to keep him busy for quite some time!  
THANK YOU to all who’ve prayed, given and come behind us in so many ways!!!  We don’t take it lightly that we are here because others have been obedient to God too!  We rejoice with each of you at the blessing it is to follow God, howEVER He leads!  To God be the glory!!!

The entrance to our welcoming 

Moriah unpacking treasures!
Gunner is still a pirate...regardless the continent!

The Makia church covering!

Kids' Sunday school....Moriah wasn’t ready to leave Dad for it yet, but Gunner enjoyed it!


  1. GREAT NEWS!! We're so glad you've safely made it back to PNG. May God greatly bless and protect your family as you minister there.


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