Building for taking small steps

A lot has been happening over these last couple weeks.  The ground at our church plant, Makia, is getting dug up and leveled which means we are getting the ground ready to put up a building!  Whooooo-hoooooo!  To God be the glory!  It is exciting to see God's work moving forward!  On the flip side of the same coin, however, there is also opposition on the move.  On the day after our groundwork was finished, we received some legal paperwork declaring we must stop all work because the ground is being contested.  We were shaken, but not moved.  All government officials were not working and offices were shutdown because of an internal dispute.  This made matters harder because we were not able to get any answers.  Thankfully, this last week we received word that a judge ruled the paperwork we received not accurate and has squashed it.  He has given the opposing party until next month to file a valid complaint.   We know God is in control and if He desires us to move forward His plan cannot be thwarted. While we can’t make any movement forward on the ground we will continue to meet there and pray for God to move the mountain now before us.  Please pray for the people in this area who are lost without Jesus.  

The area was filled with very large tree stumps that needed to be dug out.

Lots of digging and moving dirt around....

Gunner and Moriah approve of the ground work as it gives them a much larger area to run around.

On the college front, school starts back up this week, as there has been a few week break in between the semesters.  We had the opportunity over the break to setup a 2-week computer class for some of the students, Pastors and staff of the Bible College.  Brian worked with a fellow mission, Christian Radio Mission Fellowship (CRMF) to make it happen.  It was truly a blessing to all those involved as some had never used a computer before.

Each person was given a laptop to use for the duration of the class.

At the end when they all received their certificates, there were lots of smiling faces and many testimonies on how they desire to use these new basic skills to better serve in God’s work.

This last week was the Bena women's conference that was held in a local church near us and Phyllis had the privilege to talk at a few of the sessions.  We rejoice and give God the glory for saving 16 souls!!  We were also super excited as there were two ladies from Makia, the area of our church plant!  To top off the praise for the event, one of these Makia women gave her life to Jesus Christ in this meeting and showed up at church with her grand baby and son today!  Generations hearing the Gospel and being changed.....that's what we're praying for!  That’s why we are all in this!  Whew!  To be on the front row watching the transformation is overwhelming.....I nearly cried this morning at church thinking on this woman's courage and example to the upcoming generations!  Please be in prayer for her as she will certainly face opposition to her decision and for wisdom as we seek to strengthen her in the Lord.

There was a very large tent set up to house the hundreds of women that came for this conference.

Each one of these things....while a great accomplishment are only steps along the journey towards building for Eternity!