Things I did NOT expect over one year in....
-to still be struggling with language
-to still be establishing friendships
-to be battling for opportunities to spread the Gospel
-my role would SEEM insignificant

At a glance, there is nothing profound about this list.  However, to me?  It reflects some honesty that I wasn’t prepared for.  Naively, I expected to 'get' the language easily and quickly.  However, my reality is that it is hard to find time to study with two toddlers running around.  And, while I am improving, language will be a LIFELONG learning endeavor.   
I am not one to make friends easily either.  It takes me time to open my heart and share the deeper places.  I can’t help but think back to my times in other places and how difficult it was as a single to establish friendships when there was more free time available.  Now, as a married wife with two kiddos, I find myself investing my time within 'my own fence' and while I am making bridges to outside friendships, It is not a quick process.
Sharing the Good News of Jesus is tough in the area we are seeking to spread the Gospel.  We have the hope of the world in our hands, but it is difficult to share when people don’t want to hear it and/or are blinded to its reward.  I was reading this week from a book entitled Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby and Claude King.  They shared this analogy:
Suppose you had to cross a field full of land mines.  A person who knows exactly where everyone of them is buried offers to take you through it.  Would you say to him, "I don’t want you to tell me what to do.  I don’t want you to impose your ways on me?" I don’t know about you, but I would stay as close to that person as I could.  I certainly would not go wandering off.  His directions to me would preserve my life.  He would say, "Don’t go that way, because that way will kill you.  Go this way and you will live."
Jesus' words and directions are LIFE.  Jesus didn’t set out to give a bunch of rules and regulations to restrict fun and enjoyment.  He gave them to release true joy and satisfaction to those who would be willing to follow and heed His warnings!  However, if we can’t break through the misperceptions, how can we reveal the ultimate aim?  It can be tough!
Finally, to an outside world, I SEEMINGLY do very little.  However, I am trying to be faithful with what God HAS entrusted to me.....a family, teaching, and a home.  It may seem like little to many, but God has called me to man this station, and my job is to do it to the best of my ability.  I could resent it because it isn’t impressive, but I would be missing out! 
So, I have one final thought.  What did you expect about where you are at in life?  Or, on the flip side, what did you NOT expect about where you are at in life?  Whatever question you choose to answer, I would challenge you to SEE God in the midst of your circumstances and thank Him for how He IS working.  It is easy to grumble and complain about what God is not doing that you would like Him to, but it makes life a grand journey to SEE Him where you ARE.  He is there!  We would love to hear how He is working in your circumstances too!
A happy moment...

Busy making buns.....a lot of work and they only last a few hours....because they are so good!


  1. I love your reflections so much, Phyllis! Your questions are wonderful food for thought, and I will keep thinking them over, but my first somewhat scary response is that God is calling me to fail. Or, to not be afraid to fail, but to put all my trust in Him, knowing that when I am weak He is strong. He IS there! He is here. He is with us. ~Reagan~

  2. Appreciated reading this today! I'm so thankful God is encouraging you and reminding you what you are doing, sometimes the small daily faithfulness, is more than enough! ❤

  3. Hola hermanos, que agrado fue leer esta publicación, hay muchos sentimientos iguales a los míos en estos momentos. Estamos viviendo en Chicago, y estoy lidiando con el idioma en busca de un hogar cristiano una iglesia, mi hijo mayor de 4 años lidiando con el idioma y tratando de buscar amistades, uffff son muchas cosas. Pero como dicen a veces nos enfocamos mucho en lo que nos falta y olvidamos ver lo que ya tenemos , es así , cómo en momentos difíciles nos hemos volcado conmigo esposo a buscar de Dios y prevalecer en la fe, y es ahí donde volvemos juntos como familia a mirar a nuestro Dios y sus maravillas y las misericordias que ha tenido con nosotros sus hijos. Dios siempre trabaja por nosotros y con nosotros , solamente que no llegamos a comprender y entender lo enorme de su Poder y de su Operación en el día a día de nuestras vidas. Gracias Señor por tu inmenso amor y por tus incontables bendiciones, un abrazo hermanos y siempre orando los unos por los otros.


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