The sound of music

Last week, I found a gem in the mission barrel that I could not resist.  The mission barrel is a place where missionaries can peruse freely through other missionary's discarded items and take them home for free.  Our kiddos LOVE going to the mission barrel and rummaging through it…..I do too! 

Anyways, I found the DVD of The Sound of Music. Gunner and Moriah were captivated!  They absolutely loved it!  I remember getting the soundtrack on cd of the film in high school for a gift from my mom.  It was definitely put on replay more than once! 

As Gunner and Moriah were watching, I shared with them that my favorite song in the film is "I Have Confidence."  Without a moment's hesitation, Moriah questioned, "Mom?  How can it be your favorite if I’ve never heard you sing it?"  Hahahaha.  She got me on that point! 

While she meant nothing by it, I’m sure, her question really got me thinking…’s true that she’s never heard me sing that song.  In fact, there are many of "my favorite things" that my children know nothing about.  (As a side note, they both asked me what blue satin sashes were….😂.). When my story here on earth is over, I want my kiddos to know me and my story well! 

What concerned me about Moriah’s comment is it made me wonder if they know how much I treasure Jesus….?  While they see me and hear me teaching in Sunday School, I spend my quiet time with my Bible and journal before they get up to face the day….it was a challenge to think about that!  While, Lord willing, my kiddos will have my journals and my Bible to look through and read when my time here is over, I want those items to affirm what and who they saw me to be here on earth….I don’t want them to wonder why I never told them or shared my deeper heart ponderings.  Do your children know about the things you treasure?  Do your dearest friends know what you value most? 

There was also another “sound of music” rumbling around us this last week as we had a youth camp here at GBBC.  It was a full 5 days pack with fun, eating, preaching and A Little sleep.  With 620 registered youth and at least 700+ filling every space of our campus…..very literally as every classroom and open floor was covered with someone sleeping even our workshop…..things were a bit tight, but God was made much of!!  There was truly a sound of music that covered the heavenly realms as we had 160 youth accept Jesus Christ as their savior over the course of the week that we know of.  There was another 50+ that made crucial decisions in their journey with Christ!

The nightly meetings everyone was together and during the day there was alternating groups between sessions and games.
The food line just starting.....3 meals a day for 5 days was a God size task.
God provided an amazing group of servants from local churches to help with food prep, security, and counseling throughout the week.