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There has been more than one season in life in which I have felt that God’s Will is elusive or hard to find.  I am looking for clear, direct marching orders so I can do the “right” thing.  In my single days, I spent a lot of time pondering what I SHOULD be doing because I was so afraid that in and of myself, I would choose the “wrong” thing.  However, upon reflection tonight, it has ALWAYS been in front of me…. it’s really the matter of if I choose to obey or not.  

God is constant.  He does NOT change according to Heb. 13:8.  That being said, I can KNOW marching orders by looking into His Word, the Bible.  The Israelites, God’s people in the Old Testament, did NOT always pursue God.  As they were leaving Egypt and a life of slavery, they looked back and longed for leeks and onions….food!  While they might have had arguably ‘good’ food, it would’ve meant SLAVERY to get it back!  

People have asked us WHY we want to go back to PNG.  They make a good case.  There’s not access to great health care, the culture is challenging to understand and live in, the food and cooking practices are entirely different than what we’re accustomed to in the USA, we still lack so much in language ability, etc., etc.  What people don’t see from the outside looking in is that it’s not about modern conveniences.  It’s not about living in a ‘better’ or ‘worse’ culture.  It’s not even about enjoying or not enjoying the food.  It’s about FOLLOWING JESUS!!!  We hold the hope of the world in our hearts, and there are thousands, dare I say, millions of people dying daily that call us to lay down the amenities of America, pick up and pack up to share the HOPE we have in JESUS!!!

Since being back, Brian and I wrote a song that sums up our overarching lesson learned this first term in PNG.  It’s called, “Not My Will.”  One lesson stands out among the rest.  We wanted to share it with you today/tonight in the hopes of encouraging you in your own next step of faith.  

Not my Will
Phyllis and Brian Hovey
Started April 2020 -Finished July 2020

Life there in PNG/Has often brought me to my knees/And I cry out, "Lord, what are You up to?"/
Then I recall Christ in Gethsemane/And how He prayed to You so earnestly/And I'm compelled to echo His prayer to You

He prayed, "Not my will, Lord, but Thine!
I give You all this life that's mine
And even if Your will means dyin',"
He prayed, "Not my will, Lord, but Thine!"

When trials come I often first feel fear/And then I pray to God, "Lord, make it clear/Why You have brought me to this very hard thing."/I look to Christ, God's Word, pray on my knees/And when I’ve lost all hope I pray, "God, please,/Will You preserve my faith and help me yet sing?"

My song is God's Will over mine
I trust in Him and in His time
Although the storm's strong and I’m cryin'
I'll sing, "Not my will, Lord, but Thine!"

While there are risks Stateside and places far/The test is will we trust the Father's heart/And follow hard no matter what He might ask?/God's will cost Christ His life and comforts too/But He gave all He had for me and you/And now He's asking, "Will you take up the task?

Will you pursue God in your life?
Will you surrender of your time?
Will you commit your soul and mind
To pray, 'Not my will, Lord, but Thine!'?"

Here is the song with pictures of Papua New Guinea!

This month is Faith Promise month in our home church.  We, as a church body, by faith pray how much money above our regular tithes and offerings that we feel the Lord is prompting us to give towards Global Missions.  It is an exciting month to hear how GOD is working around the globe and consider being a part of it!

We would like to invite each of you, Readers, to consider being a part of missions around the world!!! We would challenge each of you to ask God and pray about what His next step of faith is for YOU this year and then?  Pursue it!  Is it giving a certain monetary dollar amount to a mission stateside or abroad?  Is it volunteering your time at the local food shelf or a community center?  Is it going on a short term or long-term missions trip through your home church to serve God that way?  Whatever YOUR step is, be encouraged!  

In our last letter we communicated that we were running a monthly support deficit and wanted to give you an update.  If you're interested in giving monthly, quarterly, or yearly to help remove this deficit please let us know!  All gifts are tax deductible and can be made online by clinking here:  Donate Now

You may ask....Where does the money I give go?


  1. Love this newsletter, especially the song! You are a wonderful communicator; that was excellent giving the breakdown of "where the money goes." May God bless you richly! Praying for your family and your ministry.


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