Ready or Not...

Tomorrow I turn 36.....the age my dad was when he died.  Sometimes I wonder how life would be different had he lived to share it with, but it doesn’t take long to see how God has used his death for my good and His glory in my life.  I never imagined a time when I would be able to say that when the grief was fresh and the pain was deep.  I am SO grateful though that our Heavenly Father is able to do "far more than we can think of or imagine...” (EPH. 3:20). 

When my dad died, I was 16 years old.  At age 36, my children will be five and three.  What a different life stage I am at than my dad!  I was reflecting on what a different impact it would have on my family if I died at 36.  My kiddos would likely not remember me much other than in pictures and in my journals.  I couldn’t help but thank the good Lord for those ways that they will have the gift of knowing me.

For today, I have the gift of time. How am I spending it?  Am I investing it well?  Am I squandering it?  Yes, on all three accounts! There are days I use my time well.  There are days I use my time looking at the long term of eternity rather than the comforts of this life, and I dare say, I invest it well.  And?  Humbling as it is to admit, there are days I squander my time.  I goof up.  I waste it.

I recently revisited a sermon that challenged me to consider pursuing missions way back in 2007.  I found a dvd that I had requested of a visiting missionary preaching.  I was captivated.  I watched the whole thing over again, and I marveled.  I marveled at how the message challenged me all over again to give my life to serve my Maker.  I do not regret it.  It has been absolutely worth it!  And ya know?  It WILL BE worth it.....for a lifetime and into eternity!!!

"Each of us has an appointment with God.  He knows the date and time.  We don't."  That is one of the quotes that this particular missionary articulated.  I am unclear if it was his own thought or another's, but it convicts me to ask a question....."Are you ready?"  I pray that if you have questions, you would be spurred on to ask them!  I pray if some hindrance is keeping you from taking your next step of faith that you would be encouraged to follow Jesus!  I look forward to swapping stories in eternity as to how God will use this to challenge and encourage....may He get ALL the glory, honor, and praise!

My Dad and I making a memory.

My daughter and I doing the same...:0)