There is an illusion on the mission field and in ministry in general that somehow, someway by the missionaries or pastors stepping in to help that we can redeem a situation, a life, a mistake, etc.  It’s not true.  Much like Peter and John on their way to pray, it was not themselves that caused the lame man to walk….it was the power of Christ IN and THROUGH them!  Our desire is to give the glory where it’s due….to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

In conjunction with this observation, I was reminded of a poem I wrote several years ago.  I thought to share it here in the hopes of being an encouragement and blessing to you, our readers.  I must preface it and share that I talk and pray to God very candidly and honestly.  I pray you are challenged to consider the reality that God really is….ENOUGH!


By Phyllis Hovey 

Today God said, "I am ENOUGH," and I said, "Are You sure?"

And then I told myself, "How could you put those thoughts in words?"

As I began to scold myself, the Lord of heaven called,

Inviting me to tell Him more.  In fact, to tell Him all.

So I began, "I am afraid You won’t come through."

And His reply?  He gently asked, "What if that's what I choose?"

Reluctantly, I said, "I guess, I’d say it's for my good,

And also for Your Glory, Lord."  I voiced the thoughts I ‘should.'

But God knew what I couldn’t say that these truths I denied.

And so, He asked, "My child, this, you believe?"  I cried as I replied,

"No!  No I don’t.  I don’t believe.  It can’t be for my best

Because the feelings I will have simply won’t pass the test.

I won’t feel good.  I will feel bad."  I heard, "Say it, again."

"The best for me won’t feel the best," and then, I fell silent.

And as the wheels began to turn, I thought, "God's way is TOUGH."

And then I thought, "I don’t trust Him that He will be enough."

And as I wrestled through that thought what God said gave me hope.

He told me I would one day trust, then once again, I spoke,

"How do you know?" I asked Him.  His words were life to me.

"Because, my child, I call to be what you cannot yet see! (Rom. 4:17)

It won’t be a result of you.  It’s nothing you can do,

But I am always faithful, dear, and I will see you through. 

I’m calling you, inviting you, to be in my display

Of lives on earth who’ve known their God and gone a different way.

I will not promise easiness.  It will be hard at times

That's why I’ve promised you will have my Spirit at your side.

I love you, dear one, know it’s true, and I will not give up.

And when life comes and goes you’ll sing, "It’s true, God was ENOUGH!"

"Do I have all the needed ingredients to make a triple batch of banana muffins?"  I had enough

"Is there the needed supplies to continue construction on the trench?"  There was enough

"Is there time to keep working on the drainage ditch before rainy season starts?"  There's been enough

"Is there the funds to complete the roof on the new missionary house?"  There was enough

"Is the allotted amount of time sufficient to complete the art midterm?"  There was enough

"Is there a special ingredient mixed in this chocolate pie?"  Yup!  There was enough sunshine and then some!