Gospel Rally

A week or so ago, we helped host a Gospel rally at the church plant where we are assisting….Makia.  Seeds were scattered onto the heart's soil of many.  Did any take root?  Not that we know of….there were no salvation decisions that were made at the time, to our knowledge…..but the timing and work of the Lord is not measured in the same increments as we, the people, measure it.  Please join us in praying for rain, sunshine, and other needed variables to help the seeds go deep in the hearts and minds of the people and take root.  God is able!  There is a desperate need as death crouches at the door of many and the darkness is thick.
It was a learning experience for us.  It felt 'last minute' in many ways to our American mindset.  Prep and planning are viewed differently here than they are in the States.  We live in the "land of the unexpected" and sometimes?  That is the only explanation that makes sense.  Brian did a lot of driving bringing people to and from and making sure everything was running.  Rules and driving laws are a bit different here as Brian counted 25 adults and kids get out of his truck on one of the many runs…..(the truck would be considered a midsize truck at best…..similar to a Ranger).  However, while packed, the ride is greatly appreciated as people would spend hours walking otherwise. 
Brian did have a stomach bug through the rally which made things challenging and not something he would ever choose to repeat….but God gave the strength to push through until he could get medication this last week.  Following on the heels of the rally, the pastor of our church plant and his family came down with COVID.  We definitely didn’t see that coming…..especially since they had been vaccinated.  It seemed like a blow to the trunk and roots of the tree!  However?  As I sit and pray about it still (him and his family are in quarantine for two weeks), maybe that’s what it will take to encourage and grow the newly scattered seeds….it’s in God’s hands….as the task before us is God sized and not one we can do alone.
Please pray.  We need God's intervention to help seeds grow…..and not just in the lives and hearts of the Nationals either!  Our dear Moriah has had her own encounter with the Gospel and has begun to ask some spiritual questions.  This past week we talked about Jesus coming back sometime in the future to gather believers more than once.  "Why is Jesus coming back, Mom?" Moriah would ask.  I would share that the Bible talks about Jesus coming back…that’s how we can know it will happen.  She was not satisfied.  The next day the question would come up again.  While she is young, she is contemplating profound truths from the Scriptures.  Please pray that as parents we can clearly communicate the truth of the Gospel!  

We had services on Friday and Saturday night, so we setup a generator with lights as there is no power access.  It truly was light in a very dark place!
There was a very good turnout and many had the opportunity to hear the Gospel!

This is Phyllis’s  Sunday school class….about tripled in number….😁

Prior to the Gospel rally we had a “work day” to clean up the church area and one of the task was to fill in holes in our dirt floor…..it was fun to watch the kids do their part to pack the fresh ground!