San Bernardo Church Anniversary

May 2015 marked the 14th anniversary of the church that we attend here in Santiago.  We were able to be a part of the festivities and it was a joyous occasion indeed!  There were all sorts of preparations to be made including baking dozens of cookies, getting all dressed up, and completing the gift that Brian had been working on.  Take a peek at the pictures below to find out more!
Brian completed a pulpit in celebration of the occasion and here is how it turned out! 
Tidbit: The top is a type of special Chilean wood that we had gotten in Southern Chile back in October.
 Brian and Gunner posing for a you can tell, Gunner is a little less enthusiastic than Brian.
 Gunner looking to his Dad and thinking (possibly), "Well?  Where's your tie?"
 Brian and Gunner resolved the issue and decided to look at the camera....;0)
 The cupcakes that the church had in honor of the day.  Each family had to pose for a picture before getting to enjoy their allotted cupcakes.....GREAT idea!
 This is my attempt to take a picture of the "gift" table.  In honor of the church's birthday, the congregation buys needed supplies for the church from a wish list that the leadership compiles. The Pastor gets to open the gifts on behalf of the church while everyone watches in anticipation of how God will use the people to provide for the needs...
 Here is Pastor Cristian opening up one of the gifts....DON'T be's for the church's kitchen!
 Another special moment at the service was the proposal and acceptance from Catalina and Joaquin, friends of ours....what a privilege to be a witness to such a beautiful thing!
 My personal favorite part of the service though was listening to my husband testify to how God has worked in his life and through our church while Roberto translated. 
The resounding message that I walked away with is captured in the chorus of the link of the song below:
Behold Our God/Seated on His throne/Come, let us ADORE Him!
Behold Our King/Nothing can compare/Come, let us adore HIM!!!!
 The Church together!