Updater Letter & Gunner's Birthday

We leave for Harrisburg, PA tomorrow morning but wanted to get this out to each one of you that you may be praying for the next couple weeks.  We will be in our final training at ABWE and will be leaving Gunner with Grandparents as it will be a very intensive training (long days).  We covet your prayers as we not only struggle to absorb mass amounts of information, but also for Gunner and us as we are separated!  We were also able to celebrate Gunner's birthday by having a small gathering of family today as unfortunately we will be leaving on his second birthday.
Thanks for your prayers and care!


Gunner celebrating 2 years of life......its hard to believe just two years ago he was being born in Santiago, Chile!!
He certainly enjoyed opening presents up and especially throwing the paper on the floor!
He enjoyed them from little to big!!
Even thought about becoming a present himself!
He also had to enjoy a few little sweets to celebrate the big day!!
Moriah was able to just hang out and watch the action unfold.
Just had to throw in one more really cute picture of Moriah...just for fun!!!


  1. I love your new family picture! What sweet precious children. Will be praying for you.


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