June Update Letter and House Construction Pictures

The Family all fancied up!
Moriah making friends!
Gunner playing with rocks..big and small!
We would like to thank the ABWE PNG missionaries and the volunteers who have invested their time and sweat into getting the new missionary house to where you see it below!!

To God be the Glory, He has raised up another team of 9 people (including Brian) to take a trip to PNG to finish the interior work of the home!  PLEASE PRAY as they prepare to be gone for 2 weeks and for their families that will miss them while they are gone....we are asking that God would use the time to draw each volunteer closer to Himself and open their eyes to new possibilities of the joy in serving our good God!!!  We are also praying that God would orchestrate the timing of our arrival in PNG as the completion of the home is one of the steps needed to be able to move.  We are banking on God's provision in HIS time and in HIS way!  Thanks for your prayers, care, concern, and support!!!