Update Letter & Work Team

It has been a very busy and exciting last month!!  To God be the Glory we have reached 100% of our Outfit & Passage requirements!!   I (Brian) was also able to lead a team to work on completing our new mission house in Papua New Guinea.  We are ready to go but are in great need of your prayers as we continue to walk forward....you can read about it in our current update letter.  Read Here!

Work team goals as outlined by one of the team members....and I could not possibly say it any better.

Goal 1:  Make God look Good.  
This is to be carried into every activity from the attitudes we have to the way we work with people.  It also carries into the project we are doing as we are to be working for the Lord and not for man's approval.
Goal 2: Be Changed.
When God orchestrates a group of individuals the  way he did and brings them to a place like PNG....there is more at play than what is seen.  The reality is when taking part in a kind of mission trip it is a big opportunity for God to work, mold, and reshape our lives.
Goal 3:  Get something built.
Finishing the interior of our house, in this case, or trying to make it livable was the project.  We made great progress in this area....not as far as we would have liked however we are extremely grateful for the work that was done!

Our team: 9 individuals from 6 different churches and one common goal "Serve Jesus Christ!"
The New Mission House we will, Lord willing, be living in soon!
The septic tank being dug

We had some very cool opportunities to have a snapshot into what ministry looks like in PNG.  Each team member was able to attend two different church services.  From new church plants to more established churches.  Also there were some opportunities to take part in Bible studies and children's ministry.
I think I can speak for all those who went and say it was a Great trip.  There is still much to be done and the laborers are few.....so God may just be laying it on your heart to go to Papua New Guinea!!  Give, Go, Pray, or disobey....those are the options! (we wouldn't recommend the last)