Praying one step at a time

 We hope you have had a Wonderful Christmas and are wishing you a Great New Year!  

We are so thankful that you have joined us and are taking the time to read our updates.  Sometimes communication is overwhelming.  There seems to be so much going on in our lives and around us that it is regularly difficult to know what to share, how to share it, and in some way capture the essence of our lives.
One of my favorite times of the day is spent journaling....just writing letters to Jesus and trying to bring my thinking under His Lordship.  I have been at such a loss for words this year.  I often have recorded very little as I sit and contemplate what I want to say.  I have struggled because I want to record stories and thoughts that will have lasting impact when quite honestly, sometimes I’m just trying to figure out the next meal of the day.....doesn’t sound too significant, right?  I would agree!  I’m not trying to down play that it’s a very real thought.  However, it can seem very trivial at times when compared to the weight of eternity.
We are preparing to move back to Papua New Guinea on February 9th, if the Lord wills.  There are several hurdles to jump through and paperwork to be completed.  There are also no guarantees.  While we have tickets and a hotel reservation in Port Moresby, PNG for our quarantine, there is still the possibility that we will get denied boarding or sent home from any transit country if we don’t have approvals and documents in order.  Yikes!  Does that sound intimidating?  It does to us too!  However, what holds us together and keeps us from freezing in an overwhelming halt is a promise….a promise from God to us in the Bible. 

            You [Lord] hem me in, behind and before and lay your hand upon me.  Psalms 139:5

God is the One Who will go with us.  He will go before, behind, and be ever present as we journey half way around the world to make much of Him!  Will you please join us in prayer?  Please PRAY that we are able to get our paperwork, visas, entry permits, etc. so that we are able to enter PNG and serve our Great God there.  Only once we receive all the approvals to enter PNG can we begin to apply for approvals to transit through other countries to get to Papua New Guinea.  Travel requirements continue to change constantly and we truly need your prayers and God's intervention to make this happen.  Thank you, in advance, for the part you will play in the fruition of God’s will in our lives as you pray!!!  We are grateful!!!

Princes Moriah at Christmas
Gunner and Mom making some Christmas goodies!
Building the vessels of the future!