Countdown to take off

This month has been one of pursuit, preparation, and perseverance.  
We are pursuing God’s purpose for our lives. It has found us in prayer and fervently seeking that God would make His way clear....and though we have faltered, God’s steady hand has held us fast.  We have visas in passports, passports back in our hands, tickets purchased, PNG entrance approvals and we are almost packed.  As we have sought the Lord together, our Good God has confirmed that moving mountains is sometimes more arduous work than it seems at first sight. And ya know? While we have been caught up in ‘moving the mountain’ (aka getting back to PNG), we have discovered that God is less interested in the task at hand and more interested in sifting our hearts.  
We have been preparing for the trip back to PNG with greater fervor.  The suitcases are scattered around our living room and dining room in organized chaos.   The digital scale has made its appearance and the weighing and repacking process is underway!  We have also been preparing by beginning our ‘good-byes’ and trying to finish things well.  It is inevitable that while it feels like crunch time and we are doing our best to get things done and communicate value and love to those around us, someone always feels sidestepped or overlooked.  Please know our hearts that that is in NO way our intention....forgive us.  We need it! 
Finally, perseverance has been a must this month.  Our tickets were canceled five times and it was a matter of perseverance, persistence and prayer that has us still leaving May 31. Will you please join us in praying with perseverance that God will make a way?  We need your prayers to help us persevere through our travel as it is going to be a long haul.  We leave May 31 headed for LA.  We collect our luggage in LA and need to have it rechecked and be ready to board on June 1 at 1:15 AM to head to Hong Kong.  This is a new route for us and we have a 14 hour layover in Hong Kong before we board to go to PNG. We trust God to guide and direct your prayers for us.  We appreciate every one!
And so?  Here we go!  We will do our best to communicate along the way, but there are many unknowns and variables that might prevent that from happening.  Thank you each who are taking the time to read this and pray specifically.  We are grateful beyond words!!!

This dude caught his first fish!!!

Arrrrrrrrrre we ready?  As ready as pirates can be!

Ballerina meets fish....

Time to “chick” out!


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