Moriah hard at work recording the date in her journal….

This week has been one of lots of learning!  We started Moriah working on Kindergarten school work now that she is five years old….she’s been asking about starting school since Gunner did this fall, so it’s been awhile in coming! She loves it!  She takes it very seriously……in her journal this week, she wrote that the thing she is looking forward to the most this year is reading….a girl after my own heart!
Gunner dressed as a book character for a school dress up day…..Jim Elliot was his character of choice!

Gunner has been learning to read more fluently and in greater volume…..so cool!  His big undertaking this week was there was a screen free week challenge during reading emphasis week at his school.  We will sometimes do a Friday night movie night and routinely Saturday morning cartoons, but we are past those days!   He made it!!!  SO proud of him!
This was our syllable reading class….I’m not pictured because I was behind the camera!  😄

I also was learning…..I participated in a class that was using a newer method of teaching reading in Tok Pisin to adult learners.  It was called a syllable approach.  It was a hefty undertaking as it was all afternoon at another mission's center.  I learned so much and am praying I get to use this curriculum and method in the future!
Brian and Moriah reading the iPad together.

Brian was learning on the home front….helping Gunner and Moriah with homework and meals were added to his responsibilities every day last week in the evenings….he did great!  One thing I really appreciate about Brian is his ability to perceive when he has reached his limit.  He had to take breaks from homework differently than I typically do, but it was great for all of us to work together as a family to make things work last week!
Gunner here….dressed and ready for church!

Gunner surprised and delighted us all as he will be taking a baptism class starting this week.  He has expressed interest in following the Lord in this way to show others publicly that He has chosen to follow Jesus.  SO exciting to watch him make his faith his own and follow Jesus!
Moriah raising her hand in Sunday school because she knows the answer!

How about you?  What are you learning?  About God?  About life?  About parenting?  About adulting?  We are all learning in our own ways, and we’d love to hear about yours too!  Praying, dear readers, that God continues to grow and change each of us more and more to reflect Him and His character towards one another!


  1. You have an ever changing life there. I marvel as I read your blog updates how much is packed into each day. In Adult SS we are studying who is One Another we are supposed to love. Starting with our church family. Has been great first 2 lessons. So good getting to know Pastor Nate Palmer. Praying for safety, health and time for your family. God Bless You🙏


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