Leaving for PA

Today, Brian and I are headed to Harrisburg, PA to ABWE headquarters!!!  We are going to attend the AMP seminar that will give us tools and information that we need this next year as we serve under the organization.  We should arrive on Tuesday afternoon/evening, and then we will head home on Saturday morning.  We are driving by car and would appreciate your prayers for safe arrival and travel. 

Brian’s health is much better this week, but still not quite 100%……we are still praying towards that end and believe that it’s right around the corner.  Thank you to the many prayers that have been lifted up on our behalf in that area!

While we are in PA, we will be discussing options as to when we leave for sure for Chile and the criteria we must meet before that happens.  We should have some more information by this time next week and will do our best to communicate it to you ASAP…….we know many of you are anxious to find out those details. 

Thank you to each of you for your interest and your partnership behind the scenes in prayer as we make the journey…..you play an invaluable role in us being able to do this!!!

Blessings to each of you today!