FIDAE 2014

I (Brian) had the privilege to go on a field trip with some of the high school students.  We went to a show called FIDAE.  It is an exhibition of aerospace and defense which is held every two years in Chile.  This show is the largest in the southern hemisphere and the fifth largest worldwide.  It serves as a trading platform and brings companies from across the globe to show-case their aerospace and defense systems/products.
Even the US brought some planes down from Texas

 I enjoy guns and defense systems, but this place seemed like out of a movie.  The hangers were broken up into countries like Israel, Russia, USA, France, Turkey, and more.  All the big name companies were there and there were some really cool things to see!

 Towards the end of the day we were able to see an F-16 start up and take off.  It performed many complex manuvers right above us.  It was truly an awesome thing to see!!
 The day wrapped up with a group photo of the students that were able to go.  It was a very cool experience for the kids and the adults that went to see our world from a different perspective.