Student Share Time

Welll?  This week has proven to be full of challenges and successes like the many preceding weeks.  One of the great delights of this week was getting to Friday and Student Share Time.  What IS Student Share Time?  Please, sit down, relax, and let me tell you…..

When I started out this semester, I really wanted to encourage the children in speaking the English Language.  As I sat thinking about ideas of how I might do this, I asked the question, “What makes ME want to try and talk in Spanish?”  Hmph.  That’s easy.  When I get to talk about something I like or know about…..hmmmm…….and THAT was the beginning of an idea. 
I drafted a letter home to parents, explaining that I would like each student to make a poster that included pics (drawn or actual) of things their child liked, about their family, about their friends, etc.  I went on to say that each child would get a turn over the course of the semester to have a “share” time when the students and teachers would get to hear about the things that matter to that child.  It has been a HUGE success!

My aide, Carla, and I started off the Share Time so as to model what we wanted the students to do.  I have only had three students share thus far, but we have another planned on Friday and will have a total of 13 over the course of the semester.  Students also get to bring five items from home that mean something to them and then they need to talk about them to the class.  We have had everything from sticker collections, to picture albums, to family heirlooms, and the sharing has just started!  I am so pumped about this aspect of the semester!
One other note of fun is that we had a bonfire last Saturday night here on the school property.  Brian got things set up before hand, and I bought marshmallows (for Chilean style s’mores) and made a form of Chilean kool-aid called “Zuko.”  There’s one group shot of the fire and the gang here at the apartments, and I’ve also added a photo of Brian and his fire-helper……..Brian’s helper, however, didn’t want to get TOO close……;0)


  1. What a cool idea! I love just hearing kids talk. A lot of the time they are much deeper thinkers than we give them credit for. :D


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