Buddies....we all need them!  In Kindergarten this semester, we have been paired up with the 5th/6th grade class in order to partcipate in "Buddy Reading."  Now, in the beginning of the school year, the 5th/6th graders would simply read to the Kindergartners and practice good reading skills--reading with expression, pointing to the words as they read, etc.  NOW, however, I am proud to say that the Kindergartners have been practicing their own "reading" skills with the upper grades!  We have gone through about 2/3 of the alphabet letters and sounds, and the curriculum has books specifically designed to have them practice the skills learned. It is SO fun to see them becoming indpendent readers!  Here are a couple pictures of "Buddy Reading" in action!
No matter what age level you are and no matter what your area of expertise, it is ALWAYS helpful to have an older, more experienced "Buddy" to help you along the way.  Recently, our team in Chile has adopted a new policy that encourages mentoring relationships on the team.  Brian and I have both benefited greatly from this.  We have been meeting with an experienced "mentor," and I was also asked to take on a "mentee."  Now, for those of you who have been in mentoring relationships, it's not all about giving or taking.  A good mentor relationship should possess BOTH from both people.  A HUGE thank you to those who have put these practices into place!  Buddies benefit both the team and the individuals, and we have been grateful for the opportunity to have them!