A sneak peak at work in progress....

While summer vacation has provided some opportunity for rest and reprieve for many, the work has also continued for Brian.  Summer is a prime time to tackle projects that need to be completed in high trafficked areas.  Pictured below, you will see the steel posts for a shaded sitting area for High School students.  Eventually, there will be malla put up to provide shade, but this work needed to be completed in order to be ready when the cement truck comes.  At the base of each post, there will be cement pillars to stabilize the beams. 
 Here is a closer shot...
 Two of the seminary students, Sebastian and Alvaro, have been helping Brian the first part of the summer.  (The seminary is the blue and white building in the background in the photo above)  It's been a huge blessing on both parts to have them helping out!
 Here, the steel posts are set and stabilized for now.  The wood before was just keeping them in place.  Looks like a good start, right?...but still much more to go.
 Pictured below is the MAJOR summer project--sidewalk.  Recently, this parking lot was added to SCA, but because of safety and convenience needs, a sidewalk is needed to make the lot more user friendly.  As you can imagine, that is NOT a project for when school is in session! 
 The fence on the right will serve as a barrier for the sidewalk on one side. On the left, you can see the guys working to even up the steel C bar for the other barrier.  They had laid down all 2x4's and had them set and ready to go, but unfortunately the sun in Santiago warped and twisted the boards so much that they were not fit to be used for a final project.  So?  Brian went to plan B--Backup plan #1.  Please pray for this project.  It's a lot of work, but more than that our hope is that it will last and be a blessing for years to come.  Brian needs God's help, provision, and wisdom to accomplish that goal!
 Brian has also been blessed with another helper whose name is Sam McBride.  Sam and his family came down in November to serve here at SCA.  It has been a blessing to see God provide for the needs and demands of the work long before we even asked!  Here is a pic of Sam and Brian in the midst of working....I asked them to stop for a photo shoot....:0S
While continuing the work is very important.....because these are only a snapshot of a couple of the many projects going on, it is ALSO important to maintain and balance work with some time off.  I have had several people ask me as of late if we are taking any time off during the summer break and the answer is, "Yes!"  Here are some pics from a game of softball that Brian got to join in with some friends......I opted not to as I'm not very coordinated normally, and I didn't think my pregnancy would afford any more sports skills....:0S 
 Here they are discussing teams....
This is one occasion that the team hit a home run!  Brian also hit TWO homeruns for his team!  The crowd was impressed!!!
The place our friends were staying for the week was outside the city.  It was amazing how great it was to be in place with fields, trees, and clean air!  While we only spent the day with them it refreshed us is wonderful ways.