Moving Forward

Well?  We are moving forward in pursuing Christ with our lives.  It has meant a lot of letting go this last week--letting go of the temporal and pursuing the eternal.  What is REALLY going to last and what should REALLY be my priority?
Allow me to explain……
Brian and I are moving forward with the sale of our first home together.  As we seek to give our all to Christ, it has included giving up the tangible dwelling to pursue a greater eternal one.  In all honesty?  It is hard and wonderful to be coming upon this new season of our lives.  Hard because there is so much to surrender at times; wonderful because Our God has asked us to, wonderful because we get to do the journey together, wonderful because we are having to live by faith as we embark on this grand adventure, wonderful…….wonderful for so many reasons!
As we press forward and say good-bye to our earthly home, I can’t help but reflect on what it might have been like for our dear Savior.  I mean, HE gave up heaven to enter earth……my sacrifices are NOTHING when compared to that!  WHY would He DO that?  I think He did it because He valued YOU and ME to such an extent that the sacrifice outweighed the potential eternal gain.  You see, He WANTED  to spend an eternity knowing YOU and me and so He gave wholeheartedly of Himself to enter time and human existence so as to make His desire a reality.
When I think about THAT the rest really seems to pale in comparison…..what is the sacrifice of a temporary home when compared to an eternal, heavenly dwelling? 
Here are a couple pictures--just for memories....even though we have not lived there for a couple years while we were in Chile, it still looks like home!
 So where will we be living?  Since we have been back from Chile we have been living with Brian's parents.  Over the next few months we will be building an addition on to their farm house that will be much more user friendly for them in the coming years.  This would also give us a space to call our home in the United States.  As we pursue Christ through missions we will be spending about 80% of our time overseas and about 20% of our time in the US within each 5 year period.  So this would give us a home base and a permanent address within the US which helps things greatly when doing paperwork overseas.
 While moving forward means letting go of what is known......we are confident that it will be for a future beyond what we could think to hope or dream or imagine!


  1. Big step! Praying for you guys. Hope the sale goes well and your hours are extended to make time for the addition to be built.


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